dimanche 12 février 2017

Hope and plans

Lives of humans are animated by desires and hopes.We cannot live without the hope of a better tomorrow ,without the hope that tomorrow will be lighter brighter and happier .we cannot live without the hope that tomorrow we will be stronger persons more confident with a better personality .Without hope, the world will look like a huge mess full of zombies,it’ would be worst than a bad science fiction movie.the loss off hope is worst than all the human diseases,  and all the wars .Therefore plans and hopes for the future are essential for progressing in professional and social life.Personnaly I fixed to myself some objectif and resolutions (resolution are never respected), so I can do all what I can and don’t regret in the future. Concretely I force myself to do all activities that I can and be curious about all the things that I see or hear about ,it’s involve to “study very hard “and in the same time to enjoy life.If I fixed to myself those objectives it’s to do a job that ‘ll please me in the future.A job where I can travel a lot and meet people and to see the world in the eyes and not behind a desk.

mercredi 23 novembre 2016


Music is one of the best invention/discovery of humanity. Music can change my way of thinking and make me optimistic sometimes and see the world differently.

I don’t have a special genre of music , I think that it’s depend on my mood .It might seem weird but I have special music lists on my phone for sad days for exemple. these days I will probably listen to rock music or Blues .On “happy days” I will listen calm songs maybe Jazz or some pop songs.
I also have a sport playlist so I can have more energy. 

At the moment I am more listenning to rock and blues songs here are my favourite ones:

venus in fur (Velvet underground)

Where is my mind (Pixies)

Playground love(Air)

The rosewood thieves

mercredi 28 septembre 2016

My name is Yousra and I am Moroccan.You have probably heard a lot of things about my country but certainly not as much as I have heard about yours.Anyway  Morocco is my country but not my single identity . thanks to Tangier’s strategic  emplacement ,it was an international city and a source of inspiration for a lot of artists , writers, passengers … which have  given to Tangier a very rich culture and inheritance.As a consequence I talk four languages which has allowed me to have a global vision about the world and to be open-minded .That  international inheritance has made of me someone who is interested by art even if I am not really an artist, by books because I enjoy this marvelous feeling of being someone else and to live someone else’s experiences. In addition to that I like travelling to discover other cultures and to escape from routine , to see other people with other way of life maybe with unprivileged conditions .

As I said you have probably heard a lot of things about Morocco . Most of foreigners that have never been in Morocco  and that I have met have stereotype ideas spread by medias  that morocco is a desert where people are still using camels as a mean of transport and where civilization is a myth.In fact Morocco has progressed a lot even if we still take pictures with camels from time to time. What makes me really proud of my country is the political stability and security .The kindness and the warming welcome of the Morrocans  is something which is world-known .Moroccan food is also famous all over the world for being delicious. The landscape in morocco is incredible  you can find the sea ,the ocean,  mountains, snow,desert,dunes….

Morocco is a fantastic country , but we still have a lot of progress to make : in the field of education ,tolerance , gender equality and  xenophobia.