dimanche 12 février 2017

Hope and plans

Lives of humans are animated by desires and hopes.We cannot live without the hope of a better tomorrow ,without the hope that tomorrow will be lighter brighter and happier .we cannot live without the hope that tomorrow we will be stronger persons more confident with a better personality .Without hope, the world will look like a huge mess full of zombies,it’ would be worst than a bad science fiction movie.the loss off hope is worst than all the human diseases,  and all the wars .Therefore plans and hopes for the future are essential for progressing in professional and social life.Personnaly I fixed to myself some objectif and resolutions (resolution are never respected), so I can do all what I can and don’t regret in the future. Concretely I force myself to do all activities that I can and be curious about all the things that I see or hear about ,it’s involve to “study very hard “and in the same time to enjoy life.If I fixed to myself those objectives it’s to do a job that ‘ll please me in the future.A job where I can travel a lot and meet people and to see the world in the eyes and not behind a desk.